Our vision and values

Our vision

To be the UK’s first choice Islamic bank.

Our promise

To be the leading provider of Sharia compliant retail banking services in the UK, delivering long term value for customers, staff and shareholders.   IBB offers consumers a different approach to banking which it has coined as ‘Banking you can believe in’.  This stems from the Bank’s core values which are founded on the following five pillars: 


Our values

Sharia compliant  

Everything IBB does is in line with Islamic values; conducting economic activity in a fair, ethical and socially responsible manner.  

Community oriented  

By developing close, open and supportive relationships with its customers, IBB aims to be an intrinsic part of the local communities which it serves.  


IBB takes a prudent, transparent and stable approach to managing its customers’ money to ensure they always have peace of mind. It has a long-term commitment to Islamic finance in the UK, with the credibility and stability to deliver for its customers.  

Good value  

Professional in style, IBB fulfils its promises and delivers high quality, value for money products and services.


IBB is a dynamic, inspiring and pioneering organisation which offers unique solutions to its customers.

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